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    Sweet potato vine in a pot indoors.

    How to Plant and Grow Sweet Potato Vine: A Thorough Guide

    Ornamental sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) is a seasonal tropical plant adorned with exotic-looking foliage that comes in many shades of green, red, purple, brown, and gold. In this guide, we'll cover several varieties and everything you need to know to plant and grow them.

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    Puya alpestris sapphire plant with a bird.

    How to Plant and Care For Puya Alpestris (Sapphire Tower)

    Sapphire Tower plant or Puya Alpestris is a unique, turqouise blooming flower that's ethereal and out of this world! In this guide, we'll sh...

    Beautiful close up of a red and orange canna lily flower.

    How to Plant and Overwinter Canna Lily Bulbs

    Canna Lilies (Cana), not to be confused with Calla lilies, are tropical plants that are easy to grow and produce beautiful, dramatic, and co...

    Close up of a pineapple fruit on top of the pineapple bromeliad plant.

    How to Grow, Propagate, and Care For Pineapple Plants

    Pineapple plant, scientifically known as Ananas comosus, is a popular, fruiting indoor plant part of the Bromeliad family. In this guide, we...

    New Guinea Impatiens fuschia and coral pink colored blooms.

    How to Plant and Care For New Guinea Impatiens

    Bearing dramatic and colorful blooms, New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri) are a herbaceous annuals or perennials with succulent stems f...

    Loofah plant fruits with yellow flower blooms on a trellis.

    How to Plant and Care For Loofah Plant

    The Loofah Plant (Luffa) is a vegetable vine from Southeast Asia that produces the fibers of Luffa Sponges. In this guide, we'll cover how y...

    Lisianthus bouquet in a vase

    How to Plant and Care For Lisianthus

    In its native range, lisianthus plants or Eustoma grandiflorum (also E. russellianum) are perennial flowering plants that grow in prairies a...

    Shampoo ginger lily plant inflorescence in bright red color.

    How to Grow and Care For Shampoo Ginger Lily Plant

    There is one plant you may not have heard of unless you've visited Hawaii, the Shampoo Ginger Plant (Zingiber zerumbet) which is also known ...

    Beautiful African Iris white blooms with light purple and yellow on the flower stems.

    How to Grow and Care for African Iris: A Complete Guide

    African Iris are rhizomatous perennials that are well known for their stunning blooms, clumping growth form, and narrow upright leaves....

    Potted philodendron dragon tail plant in a terracotta pot on a coffee table with a gray sofa in the background.

    How to Grow and Care For Rhaphidophora Decursiva (Dragon Tail)

    Rhaphidophora decusriva, also commonly known as Dragon Tail plant, is a species of flowering, trailing plant in the Araceae family also know...

    Blooming white flowers on a large san pedro cactus.

    How to Plant and Care For San Pedro Cactus

    Scientifically known as Trichocereua Pachanoi, or Echinopsis Pachanoi, the San Pedro Cactus is one of the most popular cacti species in Nort...

    Bouquet of ranunculus bulbs with pink and orange blooms.

    How to Plant and Care For Ranunculus

    Ranunculus, also known as buttercup, is a tuberous-rooted perennial admired for its brilliantly colored flowers and long vase life (up to 7 ...

    Colorful celosia plant flower blooms in a row

    Celosia Plant: Ultimate Care Guide & Best Varieties

    Celosia plant or wool flowers, feathered amaranth, and cockscomb are summer annuals or short-lived perennials of tropical regions of the wor...

    Montauk Daisy Closeup of flowers

    How To Propagate and Care for Montauk Daisies

    Montauk daisies fill the plant and flower growing gap, especially in late summer to fall. They are pretty easy to grow....

    How to Plant and Care For Leyland Cypress: A Complete Guide

    Leyland cypress, also known as Leylandii and Cypress, is a low-maintenance, evergreen tree that is adored for its foliage beauty and pyramid...

    A variety of aglaonema foliage.

    30+ Best Aglaonema Varieties: Rare, Colorful, and Popular Varieties.

    We'll cover the best aglaonema varieties for you to grow in your home. From rare to colorful, the chinese evergreen plant is a great option ...

    Beautiful, purple clematis flowers close up amongst foliage.

    How to Plant and Care For Clematis

    Growing Clematis in gardens with other perennials is a rewarding experience marked with continuous flower blooms from spring. In this guide,...

    Tradescantia Nanouk in a black, ceramic pot on a white table top with books and a white background.

    How to Grow and Care For Tradescantia Nanouk

    Tradescantia Nanouk (also called “Fantasy Venice”) is a great houseplant to add to your collection. Streaks of green on a creamy lavender ba...

    Citronella Plant

    How to Grow Citronella Plants (Mosquito Plants)

    Citronella came from the French word “citronelle”, which means “lemon balm.” It got its name for its citrusy, floral-like aroma. This plant ...

    Cedar Elm Tree in the Fall with Yellow Leaves

    How to Grow and Care For Cedar Elm Tree

    The Texas cedar elm (sometimes just called the Texas elm or cedar elm) is a type of deciduous tree native to Texas. In this guide, we'll cov...

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