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Large Air Plants: Selecting & Caring For Large Air Plants

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Air plants (Tillandsia) are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors and out. They don't require soil or really a container - you can place them on a shelf, on a desk, or in a hanging air plant container.
Depending on the area you live in, air plants might require frequent watering. In Los Angeles, for example, the heat dries out moisture fairly quickly requiring a nice air plant soak every week. If you're generally in warm areas with high humidity, you probably won't need to mist or water your air plants as frequently opting for once every two weeks.
Although most of us, when we think of air plants, we think about smaller-sized air plants (2-5 inches). However, did you know that air plants can get much taller - even reaching 12-24 inches indoors and up to 7 feet in the wild? Here at Neverland, we offer a selection of Giant air plants that can reach up to 12-24 inches.
How large do air plants get?
Air plant varieties can range in size from two inches up to seven feet! It's wild! Most common air plants will range between 2-5 inches, but large air plants and giant varieties that are sold on Neverland can range up to 12-24 inches.
How to water large air plants?
To water your large air plants, you will want to give them a good soak in water for about 20-30 minutes every 7-10 days. You will want to submerge the entire plant in water. If your plant is blooming or producing flowers, make sure to keep the bloom above the water. We recommend getting a large container and filling it up with water (in a shower tub) and letting your air plants sit there. For smaller air plants, you can mist them regularly and soak them every two weeks in water.
How to display large air plants?
For large air plants, we recommend hanging them. You can also consider creating an air plant arrangement and placing your large air plants in a vase.