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    Air Plants Buying Guide

    blog post authorShrish Tariq
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    Table of Contents

    While most are familiar with growing house plants in soil, air plants offer an otherworldly way to grow. Tillandsias don't need soil to grow and are happy to grow with air, in terrariums, arrangements or on your office desk and bookshelf.
    Airplants are bromeliads (yep, like the common Guzmania or the Pineapple plant) native to Central and South America! They are a perfect option for terrariums and greenhouses.
    Air plants are really easy to care for. They thrive best in bright, indirect light for at least 4-6 hours every day. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight for too long which can burn the leaves of these air plants.
    Although air plants have air in their name, they do require regular watering to thrive. We recommend soaking your air plants in water fully every 1-2 weeks for 20-40 minutes. Some varieties of air plants will require regular misting in between soaks. If you live in an extra arid region such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, you will want to mist and soak more frequently.
    The best way to propagate air plants is through division (offshoots or pups) or by stem cuttings.
    How to water air plants?
    For most air plants, you'll want to soak fully submerged in water for 20-40 minutes every 7-10 days. The dryer the region you live in, the more you'll need to water your air plant. Some air plant varieties will require misting in between waterings. If your air plant is blooming, don't submerge the bloom in the water.
    How to display air plants?
    Air plants are unique in that they don't require soil to grow! There's lots of ways you can display your newly bought airplants. You can consider growing them in terrariums or glass greenhouses. You can place them in macrame hangers or place them on wall mounts. You can simply leave them on shelves, desks, and around your house.
    How long do air plants live?
    Most air plants will live anywhere from two to five years.

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