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    Beauitiful Anthurium plant perfect for a low light bathroom.

    Best Houseplants for Bathrooms No Matter The Light

    Did you know many plants can grow in the bathroom? We’ll cover the best houseplants that can thrive in low-light bathrooms, but would also grow in moderately lit bathrooms.

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    Large Air Plants: Selecting & Caring For Large Air Plants

    Air plants (Tillandsia) are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors and out. They don't require soil or really a container - you can plac...

    Sending Succulent Gifts, Cacti Gifts, & Terrariums as Gifts

    How to shop for the best succulent gifts, cacti, and terrarium sets for loved ones....

    Prayer plants are a great option for cats and dogs. A variety of prayer plants on coffee tables in white pots.

    Best Pet Friendly Plants For Cats and Dogs

    We’ll cover in more detail a shortlist of pet-safe house plants we recommend if you’re looking to add greenery to your space. Although most ...

    Beautiful array of marigold flowers.

    How to Plant, Harvest, and Save Marigold Seeds

    Marigold plants are beautiful, annual flowers that bring not only a lot of color, but functional value to a landscape or a vegetable garden....

    Air Plants Buying Guide


    Pink calathea plant near a fittonia nerve plant and a camera on a white table.

    Best Pink Houseplants and Perennials For Your Space

    We'll cover the most popular pink houseplants and perennial to add a pop of pink color to any space....

    Field of red flowers with a beautiful sunset in the background.

    The Best Red Plants and Flowers to Add to Your Garden

    Red plants make for a great, eye-catching addition to flower garden, hanging baskets, as houseplants, containers as thrillers and spillers, ...

    Staghorn Fern mounted on a wood block on a stone mount.

    Best Fern Plants

    Ferns are beautiful plants commonly used to decorate luscious outdoor landscapes or complement any indoor space as houseplants....

    Marigolds are a great option to repel mosquitoes. Field of marigold blooms.

    Best Mosquito Repelling Plants For Shade

    While you can’t get rid of all mosquitoes, there are some plants that naturally repel them and keep them from coming back to your yard....

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