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    Your journey to become a better plant parent

    Empowering all people to be plant people — a collection of articles from Neverland’s team of Plant Experts across a variety of plant care topics to inspire confidence in the next generation of plant parents. Welcome to Plant Parenthood

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    Sweet potato vine in a pot indoors.

    How to Plant and Grow Sweet Potato Vine: A Thorough Guide

    Ornamental sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) is a seasonal tropical plant adorned with exotic-looking foliage that comes in many shades of green, red, purple, brown, and gold. In this guide, we'll cover several varieties and everything you need to know to plant and grow them.

    Latest from Neverland

    air plant on a tree.

    How to Care For Air Plants: A Complete Guide

    Air plants (Tillandsia spp.) are adorable, no-fussy, and attention-grabbers like pets and more than any plants in your houseplant collection...

    Beautiful display of different colored Caladiums from white, green to green and pink caladiums.

    How to Plant, Grow, and Care For Caladiums: An Ultimate Guide

    Elephant ears or Caladiums are striking foliage plants that bring colors and textures to gardens and landscapes from June until the first fr...

    How to Grow and Care For Hibiscus Tree

    Hibiscus plants are popular shrubs among gardeners and houseplant owners for their exotic-looking flowers. These flowering plants add a trop...


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    beautiful variegated pothos plant in a black pot.

    How to Grow and Care For Pothos Plants

    Pothos plants, native to Solomon islands, are one of the most popular houseplants in America. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need...

    Spider Plant 'Bonnie' in a white nursery pot on a light blue background.

    How to Grow and Care for Curly Spider Plant Bonnie

    As the name suggests, the Curly Spider Plant “Bonnie” is a more compact and curly-leafed variation than the regular Spider Plant we all know...

    Monstera deliciosa in a nursery pot on a white background.

    How to Grow and Care For Monstera Deliciosa

    Split-leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) is a beautiful foliage plant prized and admired as an indoor houseplant a...

    Plant Care

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    A person repotting a monstera plant.

    When and How to Repot Monstera Successfully: A Complete Guide for Beginners


    Close up of Monstera deliciosa leaves of a mother plant in a white pot.

    3 Easy Ways to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa


    Dipladenia plant

    How to Grow Dipladenia (Mandevilla)

    Dipladenias are tropical plants that belong to the Mandevilla species. They are also known by other names like Rocktrumpet, Brazilian Jasmin...


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    Puya alpestris sapphire plant with a bird.

    How to Plant and Care For Puya Alpestris (Sapphire Tower)

    Sapphire Tower plant or Puya Alpestris is a unique, turqouise blooming flower that's ethereal and out of this world! In this guide, we'll sh...

    Beautiful close up of a red and orange canna lily flower.

    How to Plant and Overwinter Canna Lily Bulbs

    Canna Lilies (Cana), not to be confused with Calla lilies, are tropical plants that are easy to grow and produce beautiful, dramatic, and co...

    Close up of a pineapple fruit on top of the pineapple bromeliad plant.

    How to Grow, Propagate, and Care For Pineapple Plants

    Pineapple plant, scientifically known as Ananas comosus, is a popular, fruiting indoor plant part of the Bromeliad family. In this guide, we...

    Recommended Plant Collections

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    Large Air Plants: Selecting & Caring For Large Air Plants

    Air plants (Tillandsia) are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors and out. They don't require soil or really a container - you can plac...

    Sending Succulent Gifts, Cacti Gifts, & Terrariums as Gifts

    How to shop for the best succulent gifts, cacti, and terrarium sets for loved ones....

    Prayer plants are a great option for cats and dogs. A variety of prayer plants on coffee tables in white pots.

    Best Pet Friendly Plants For Cats and Dogs

    We’ll cover in more detail a shortlist of pet-safe house plants we recommend if you’re looking to add greenery to your space. Although most ...

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